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These are the intermittent ramblings of my mind. They are the accumulated trivia and eclectic concoctions of thought that has become me. I am not foisting it upon anyone. If someone happens across these random thoughts, please understand that they are not meant to change opinion or further my beliefs in any way shape or form. They are simply what they are. God knows that I long ago stopped believing that I can change anyone's mind. If I do argue it is mostly a courtesy or an exercise. I think it is quite rude to ignore someone who has put a great deal of effort into his or her erroneous position or has gone to the trouble of parroting someone else's misguided thought.

If by some chance you happen to find these thoughts amusing, or entertaining that is great. If you don't... that is ok too.


You need flash. Many years ago I developed a rather large ego. For years my ego was larger than most and to a certain degree... it still is! The difference between my ego and anyone else's is that I readily admit to the fact that my ego is quite large. That statement in itself is the acme of egotism. I simply cannot think of a statement to better display the gigantic proportion that my ego has accomplished.

Building on my thoughts

Some of the items that I write about will be new ideas, invention and innovation. Some of the things that I say may be vague or ambiguous while others may be complete blueprints. In any event, I sincerely request that if you get an idea from my musings which results in a profitable venture or product, don't forget where you got it. Contact me to make arrangements for a commission or royalty. No need to be greedy. No, really, I'm serious about that.
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I am a nonlinear thinker. The laws of physics will not always apply nor will typical mathematical logic. My mind is quite open and I will often seek an unorthodox solution to a problem simply because it is the unorthodox which results in innovation and discovery.


If you would like to quote anything on this site, that is fine, but please remember to indicate the source of the quote in a footnote or other bibliographic entry. My ego demands to see my name or my work recognized.


Again if you choose to use my quote, I ask that you quote it in context.

Expertise, credentials and experience

My ego has enjoyed being associated with some of the terms that have been used by others regarding me such as, "genius," "guru," "renaissance man," and "expert." Though I have even been cited as an "expert" on certain things, it is important that I make it clear that I do not claim to be an expert or any type of "guru" -- nor do I have any credentials in many of the fields that I've worked in. On the other hand what I do have, is a great deal of experience, know-how, bruises, scars and the fruits of an enormous amount of "trial & error" as well as common sense. I also seem to have just enough naiveté to allow me to pursue hypotheses, which my colleagues believe to be impossible, but sometimes prove to be quite the opposite. The bottom line is this... "I know stuff" -- that's my ego talking again... but sometimes it's right. I've also been associated with other less flattering words -- "idiot," "***hole," "egomaniac" and "childish."


I must also mention one last thing... I have been known to defend both sides of an issue and I often will seem quite hypocritical. Some may find this tendency to be alarming but I don't think that I am fundamentally different than anyone else in this regard, other than the fact that I admit it up front. Also if I reverse myself, I sometimes don't realize it until a much later time. If you point out my reversal or hypocrisy, I will deny it.

God, Optimism, Cynicism & Skepticism

By nature I am an eternal optimist, yet on occasion I find myself acting as the cynic -- not by nature, but rather for survival. As an optimist one must repel the cynicism and skepticism of others regularly, so in order to defend one's self against those forces, it is necessary to become the "cynic" or the "skeptic" and make a sincere effort to view the subject at hand, from what I believe, is the sad, sad point of view of the cynic. The danger involved with such role-playing is that at some points my persona becomes the thing that I fear most -- a being, which accepts the dank and most negative aspects of life -- this phenomenon leads to my hypocrisy, and sometimes results in an inability to fully commit to certain positions. The heading to this paragraph is purposely out of order -- how does God fit into the theme? A belief in God and spirituality permeates my thought process. God exists, but God may not look or exist in the manner that we may expect... but God exists and therefore my optimism is not unfounded.

Non sequitur

From time to time, I will change topic for no apparent reason. If you let me ramble long enough I will usually tie it into the main theme, but I usually have to go through a wordy unedited monologue in order to get there. If nothing else the journey may prove to be somewhat interesting.

Stating the obvious

Well it may have been obvious to you, but it may have been a revelation to me... It's not often that an author will request forgiveness in advance, but that is what I am doing right now. The underlying message of this page may also be obvious to you... I am trying to establish that there will be no absolutes, no rules and in the next paragraphs I will even excuse myself from grammatical error. That being said... means that I can now proceed to pretty much write anything.

Clichés and puns

I hate to be the bearer of more bad news, but my use of clichés and puns may seem quite "pun"ishing or "pun"itive.

One last thing

I said that phrase five paragraphs ago. I am also quite redundant and I love to hear myself talk and apparently I love to read my own thoughts.


I use two writing crutches, which will often irritate or annoy. I tend to use the double dash (--) quite a bit. I attribute this crutch to professor Raymond E. Lindgren, who was instrumental in giving me any desire to write at all. The other item that has probably started to grate on your nerves is the repeated use of "..." in my sentences.

Lorenzo Gigliotti

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15 pars. 23 Jun. 2024 <>.

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