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Many people have told me that I am blogging on these pages. Maybe they're right, I don't call it a blog, but I certainly won't deny anyone their right to "pigeon hole" this exercise. A rose is a rose... and a yada is a yada.


Those who have read the "Why" page have found out that "I know stuff," so I'll cut to the core here. There are several phenomena, which seem to encircle my life. Some of these same phenomena also affect others and thus we have something in common. Some are unique to me though, but there is no way for me to know which are truly unique, so I will not bother to indicate whether they are unique or global. Also one last note -- these may or may not be 100% original.

General postulates, laws, flaws of logic and operating principles
(not really in order but numbered anyway):

  1. When I come up with a really good idea someone will steal it.
  2. Not only will they steal it, but they often do it better too!
  3. Don't believe what you hear and half of what you see...
  4. We individually exist in a vacuum.
  5. No one exists except in my theatre.
  6. I don't exist. I am just a character in your play and only appear as needed, to further your plot.
  7. In some plays I am the protagonist and you are the antagonist.
  8. In some plays you are the protagonist and I am the antagonist.
  9. The person that I see in the mirror is not the same person that others see.
  10. "I," and "me," is the world as I know it.
  11. A "good deed" done for someone else is actually of more benefit to the doer since he or she will derive satisfaction, which ultimately negates the action's altruistic nature.
  12. It's OK to derive satisfaction from a "good deed," as long as it gets done!
  13. No one has altruistic motives.
  14. Dying begins at conception...
  15. Nothing is truly original; someone has probably done it before.
Art postulates, laws, flaws of logic and operating principles:
  1. In a culture a finite number of sound combinations are acceptable therefore the pool is limited.
  2. All melodies are public domain.
  3. If one argues with the previous declarations, then I declare copyright of the frequencies represented by the notes "a," "b," "c," "d," "e," "f," "g" and their corresponding "flats" and "sharps." I also declare copyright of the notes themselves as well as octaves of those notes. Musicians and composers should contact me to work out current and retroactive royalties that are owed to me.
  4. While I am at it, I also declare copyright of the alphabet -- "a," "b," "c," "d," "e," "f," "g", "h," "i," "j," "k," "l," "m," "n," "o," "p," "q," "r," "s," "t," "u," "v," "w," "x," "y," "z," "A," "B," "C," "D," "E," "F," "G", "H," "I," "J," "K," "L," "M," "N," "O," "P," "Q," "R," "S," "T," "U," "V," "W," "X," "Y," "Z," and their variations found in other languages. Writers, editors and publishers should contact me to work out current and retroactive royalties that are owed to me.
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